Three children sit around a wooden table. The child in the forground (on the right) is reading a book, with several other books scattered next to him. The two other children (on the left and middle) play a card game.

Supporting children in care

Many children find their world suddenly turned upside down when they are separated from their family and placed into foster care. Often, they don’t know how long it will be before they can safely reunite with their family.

Your donation ensures that children in care are able to stay connected to their culture and community, while giving them new opportunities to build routines and friendships through school, sports and after school activities.

Lauren’s story

"I was put into foster care with my two sisters when I was just six years old. I thought my world had fallen apart...

When I look back now, I think my saving grace was that I was placed with these amazing Wanslea foster carers, June and Alan, with my two sisters.

I was one of the lucky ones. I’m Aboriginal, like so many other kids in care. Wanslea supported my cultural needs and encouraged me to visit my country and stay connected with the people who are important to me. I was able to learn about where I came from and how to live as a strong, proud Aboriginal girl.

A woman dressed in red holds a baby dressed in yellow, while a men in a grey shirt places his hand on the baby's back. The man and woman smile at the camera while standing in a bush environment.

Supporting grandparent carers

Grandparent carers often unexpectedly find themselves caring for their grandchildren full time when parents are unable or unwilling to do so. This places them under emotional and financial stress as they navigate the loss or absence of their child, adjust their retirement plans and begin to juggle their grandchildren's schooling, sporting, health and social needs. Your donations go a long way in supporting our grandparent carers to meet the needs of their grandchildren.

Elvie’s story

"I have been a part of the Wanslea family for about 8 years now.

This year I received an Officeworks voucher, which I used to purchase all my grandson’s stationery for year ten. Wanslea also donated a refurbished computer to help with his studies and this has been a godsend because he was always handing in assignments late because I could not afford a computer for him.

Over the years Wanslea has assisted in keeping my grandson in Scouts because Kidsports stopped assisting with the fees. With Wanslea’s ongoing support my grandson has been able to be a normal kid getting out there having fun with other kids his own age with the same interests as him. I cannot thank this organisation enough for all the help and support I have received.

You can change a child’s life today

Regular donations

Your regular donations allow us to better plan how we distribute funds and services. This enables us to make a bigger impact in the lives of children and families.

Donations in lieu of a gift

Many people already have all they need and find greater joy in knowing they are helping others. Instead of a birthday, wedding or Christmas gift, you can give or request a donation to families in need.

One-off donations

Your donations can give Western Australian families hope and strength in times of struggle. Every donation over $2 is tax deductible.

Leave a gift in your will

By including Wanslea in your future planning, you will pass on a helping hand to families who need it most. Contact our team to discuss how you can leave a legacy gift.

About Wanslea

Wanslea has been supporting Australian families and children in need for over 80 years. We support children and young people to grow and develop, safely.

Small change, big impact

Your donation is more than money; it’s the opportunity for a child to:

  • Go to school knowing they have the books and supplies to participate in class 
  • Belong to a community or club where they can find friendship and belonging
  • Learn about, and connect to, their culture
  • Feel supported, safe, secure in their home and community