Become a family day care educator

If you enjoy supporting young children in their development and want the freedom and flexibility to work from home, family day care could be the perfect career path for you.

Support for family day care educators

Wanslea provides resources and guidance to ensure you feel safe, supported and prepared for your role. We provide:

  • Regular visits from experienced facilitators
  • Programming and planning support from the Educational Leader
  • Guidance on how to operate the family day care software
  • Weekly payments
  • Detailed orientation training
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Free Play sessions where you can meet other family day care educators
  • Email and telephone support with an after-hours emergency number

Why choose a career in family day care?

Enjoy flexible working hours

Being self-employed means that you can choose your working hours, giving you control over your schedule and allowing you to be there for the moments that matter most to you and your family. You can take on as many or as few clients as you like to customise your working hours. You can also choose to offer care to families outside of regular work hours, overnight, on weekends and public holidays.

Care for your children

Being a family day care educator provides you with a unique opportunity to earn an income while still being available to care for your own children, making it easier to balance work and home life. With new friends to be made, your children will benefit from family day care too.

Take control of your income

A perk of being the boss is getting to choose how much you earn. As a family day care educator, you can select your own rates and operate as a Sole Trader for tax purposes.

Guiding children’s development

As a family day care educator, you have the pleasure of guiding children through important learning years that will impact their future. With lots of time spent one-on-one with the children you care for, you have the opportunity to play a significant and critical role in their development.

Make a difference through your work

As a family day care educator, you’ll be positively impacting the lives of the families with which you work. By giving families time back in their day, you’re making it possible for them to look after their health and wellbeing, provide for their families and contribute to their community.

Ready to take the next step?

1. Contact Wanslea

Contact Wanslea on 1300 588 618 to find out more about family day care or arrange an initial meeting. We can answer your questions and send you further information via email.

2. Home visit and interview

If you’d like to proceed with your application, the facilitator will arrange an initial interview and home visit.

3. Fill in your application

Complete and return the application and registration materials supplied by the early years facilitator.

4. Attend training

Once we have approved your application, we will contact you to arrange a time to attend training.

5. Venue assessment

We will conduct a final venue assessment and sign off on final agreements.

6. Welcome and certificate

We will send you a welcome pack and a Certificate of Registration.

Contact Wanslea
To enquire about becoming a family day care educator, please contact us.
Need Support?
You can request the use of an interpreter or
we can refer you to a teletypewriter service.
Feedback and complaints

Your experiences are valuable in helping us to understand the impact of our services. If you believe your rights have been violated or you have been subjected to unfair or discriminatory behaviour, let us know. We also welcome you to share anything that could benefit future program participants.

Our feedback and complaint process is confidential, and you can remain anonymous.

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