Become an in home care service
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Support the delivery of in home care in Western Australia or the Northern Territory

Service responsibilities

The role of a service provider

Approved service providers work with the support agency in their State to deliver in home care to families. They fulfil a crucial role in service delivery, ensuring that educators are supported in their role and that families receive a high standard of care. Services are responsible for:

  • Engaging qualified educators
  • Undertaking home inspections
  • Monitoring service delivery
  • Undertaking Child Care Subsidy related activities such as submission of child care attendance records and making Additional Child Care Subsidy claims
  • Reporting to the in home care support agency
Support for services

The In Home Care Support Agency WA and NT support approved service providers in these areas by:

  • Reimbursing their costs to visit families in outer regional, remote or very remote locations
  • Making recommendations to the Department on the distribution of places amongst services
  • Administering a complaints handling mechanism for service providers, educators and families
  • Providing guidance, resources and professional development for educators

How in home care works

1. Liaise with eligible families

Once a family is approved for the in home care program, the in home care support agency will email them a list of service providers in their area. Families can then contact you and other available services to find out more about your fees, educator availability and policies and procedures.

2. Find a suitable educator

All families are placed on the in home care support agency waitlist. You will be able monitor this list and advise when you can match a family with a suitable educator based on the family’s child care requirements captured in their Family Management Plan.

3. Connect families with an educator

Once a place is available, you will connect the family with a qualified educator who meets their needs. Your organisation will support the educators through home visits and regular communication to create and implement an education program that caters to each child’s needs.

You can contact the in home care support agency to ask any questions you might have about applying to become an in home care service provider.
Need Support?
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Feedback and complaints

Your experiences are valuable in helping the in home care support agency to understand the impact of in home care services. If you believe your rights have been violated, are unhappy about a decision made on your behalf, or have been subjected to unfair or discriminatory behaviour, please let them know. The agency also welcomes you to share anything that can be implemented, improved upon or continued for the future benefit of the program. The feedback and complaint process is confidential, and you can remain anonymous.

Our feedback and complaint process is confidential, and you can remain anonymous.

The In Home Care Program is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment as part of the Child Care Package.