Did you know that Wanslea has partnered with BHP?

Wanslea has partnered with BHP in the Pilbara to make child care more accessible to the local community.

November 12, 2021
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Wanslea is a Family Day Care agency in WA, and provides employment opportunities to Educators, and child care options for parents and carers.

Wanslea and BHP have recently joined forces to make child care more accessible for the local communities, as well as provide career opportunities for local Educators.

Child care in the Pilbara is in short supply, and the partnership will create more child care options for locals in the form of Family Day Care.

Family Day Care offers personalised care for small groups of up to seven children in a qualified Educator’s home. With child care available on weekdays, public holidays, weekends, evenings and overnight, family day care can offer individualised care, flexibility and peace of mind to your busy family.

BHP is offering a $5,000 grant to encourage local Educators to become Family Day Care Educators. In some instances, BHP is also offering a house for the Family Day Care centre to operate out of.

The partnership is getting a lot of media attention, because it acts to provide a solution to child care in the Pilbara, helping local mums return to work.

ABC recently interviewed Wanslea CEO Jo Sadler for her insights into the Pilbara child care issues, publishing an online article: Childcare shortages stopping mums returning to work, poses challenge for WA's mining gender balance, as well as Australia-wide radio programs: and