The Voice exists at Wanslea

At Wanslea, we truly are demonstrating our advocacy position for The Voice.

November 12, 2021
5 mins
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Wanslea supports the Voice to Parliament campaign, and advocates for ‘Yes’ votes to prevail in this year’s referendum.

At Wanslea, we believe that actions speak louder than words. In 2022, we appointed Noongar Elder Robyn Collard as General Manager Cultural Safety and Partnerships, because we are passionate about implementing informed and inclusive practices at Wanslea.

We are so proud to have Robyn Collard as an invaluable member of our Executive team. Robyn's Voice at Wanslea is always wise and well-respected and helps us to ensure that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are represented at Wanslea.

Robyn says her role as General Manager Cultural Safety and Partnerships at Wanslea is a small-scale example of the Voice at work, and we agree.

Today, the ABC published a really lovely article that articulates how the Voice to Parliament will work, similarly to what we have implemented at Wanslea. You can read the article here.

Click here to learn more about the Voice to Parliament, and Wanslea's advocacy position.